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Being the best photo booth in Mexico has always been our purpose

Our star service is the photo booth, we also offer a variety of instant and totally personalized photography services, a perfect solution for your guests to have a fun experience and keep a great memory of your event, they can also share it with their family and friends.

We are leading suppliers in Mexico, with branches in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, CDMX and Morelos and Vallarta, with hundreds of satisfied customers, we cover all kinds of events, such as Weddings, Graduations, XV years, birthday parties, promotional events, etc.


We are an innovative and passionate company that enjoys creating magical and unforgettable moments captured in high-quality photography.


To be the leading brand recognized for our innovation, quality, professionalism and customer service at the national level, in the concept of leasing photo booths and instant photography services.



Oriented both for members of the company to each other, as with customers. The truth is promoted as an elementary tool to generate trust and credibility of the company.


En este caso se intenta que los productos o servicios ofrecidos sean de excelencia. La cabina tiene como meta, encontrar la satisfacción del cliente y cubrir las necesidades ya sea explicitas o implícitas que se nos presenten.


Se toma la comunicación como un valor fundamental, se intenta que las relaciones y conexiones dentro de los miembros de la empresa y con los clientes sea fluida y sincera.


Each member of the team is important within the core of the company, working together and carrying out the service efficiently, serves as motivation and drives the engine to positive results to achieve our service goals.


As for customers, the company is committed to delivering quality goods and services.

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